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Jack/Ianto Recs

...Because their love is real!

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Jack/Ianto Recs!

Jack/Ianto Recs


This community has slash content (As in male/male sex) You don't like teh gay, don't join!

These are the following rules of the community:

1) You can only post RECS in this community. No fanfic searches, or asking for recs, etc! Thematic rec posts (i.e. 10 Mpreg recs) are allowed.

2) Jack/Ianto MUST be the main pairing! Fanfics can have other pairings too, but Jack/Ianto must be the main focus! General fics are also welcomed, but Jack/Ianto must be hinted at somewhere (or friendship)

3) No Bashing other people's recs. If you don't like the fic someone else is reccing, keep it to yourself, k?

4) You CANNOT pimp your own fics! As in, don't rec your own work!

5) You may rec several fics in one post!

6) If you want to post an excerpt (small scene of the fic) and it's NC-17, please post it UNDER A CUT. If you want to post an excerptwhich is long, please post it under a cut as well.

7) Please use the following format for posting recs!


We have 3 mods for this community! :D Any of us are available for help! We can all be reached by PMs or emails. :3
xbeax (beachan18@gmail.com)
hanuueshe: TAGS MOD (akro_orka2@yahoo.com xD)<= If you have any tags suggestions or questions, she's the one to go to xD

But yeah, you can PM us if you have any questions/suggestions about the community. :)


jantolution - ...where Jack/Ianto is the solution to everything


Want to link? Here is my banner for the community. I don't have any experience with Photoshop, so this is the best I could come up with. If any of you want to DONATE banners for the community, that would be really appreciated!


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